Anita’s Revolution goes to the printer again–this time in Spanish

Anita’s Revolution, my book about Cuba’s remarkable literacy campaign in 1961, will make its appearance in Spanish in February 2016 at Cuba’s International Book Fair. Of course I have been invited to attend, so I will be there (with bells on!) for the book launch at the fair. The title in Spanish will be “Anita La Brigadista”.

If any of you plan to vacation in Cuba in February, you might think of attending the book fair, which is Cuba’s biggest cultural event. Here’s some information about it.

Cuba’s Book Fair in 2016 will take place in Havana from February 11th-February 21st. Each year, the fair shines a spotlight on the literary history of certain countries; this year it’s Uruguay and India. The principal venue in Havana is the grounds and buildings of the historic Fortification of San Carlos, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982. In addition to the hundreds of publishers and book exhibits, there will be featured book and author related presentations as well as artistic events. One of those presentations will honour the 130th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in Cuba.

The fair is a colourful annual event that attracts tens of thousands of Cubans hungry for books to read, hungry to access the outside world via its literature. In addition to the opportunity to acquire books not available in Cuban stores, Cubans also scramble for the free promotional “merch” that is part of every book fair. For the visitors to Cuba who join the throng, the “scene” at Cuba’s International Book Fair is as interesting as the exhibits and books themselves. The 2014 fair saw over 2000 titles on sale with around 260 writers and intellectuals, 140 editors, 80 Cuban, 60 international, from 41 countries actively involved. A massive 2.5 million books were published. Considered the premier cultural event in Cuba, visitors to the fair numbered 387,000 in Havana alone.

If you have Spanish-speaking friends, please tell them about my book. If they are interested in acquiring a copy, they can contact me via the comment section on this site.

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